Social Studies Department

Head of department : Mr. Ramsaha J

The Social Studies department forms part of the School of Arts and Humanities. Given the complexity of the discipline, the members of the department are involved in a wide range of academic activities. Social Studies is multidisciplinary in nature as it encompasses History, Geography, Sociology, Culture, Values, Citizenship, Governance, Sustainable Development, Human Rights and other disciplines of Social Sciences. The learning of the subject enables the development of a deeper understanding of our world and our place in it.

In line with the philosophy that underpins the teaching and learning of Social Sciences, the department caters for the training of pre-service and in service teachers both at the primary and at the secondary level. In order to address the needs of teachers with diverse profile, a wide range of programs for the teaching of history and geography at primary level and Social Sciences at the secondary level is offered. These courses are specifically designed to prepare educators to be innovative and effective in their teaching. Furthermore, the modules offered aim to equip educators with diverse instructional strategies for communicating content in innovative and engaging ways.

Upon successful completion of the program, a certification is awarded with specialization in a specific discipline of Social Sciences. This may allow the teacher to teach Social Studies at the lower secondary level (Grades 7-9) and either History, Geography or Sociology at Upper secondary level depending on the specialization opted.

In additions to teacher training, the department is actively engaged in preparing textbooks and teaching resources for primary and secondary learners. It also works in close collaboration with the ministry, other tertiary institutions and stakeholders. The department is responsible for curriculum development, curriculum implementation and training. Members are also engaged in educational research and outreach programs.

Contact info

Goburdhun S Dr (Mrs) Associate Professor
Mohabeer T Dr (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Ramsaha J Senior Lecturer
Jagambrum N P Lecturer
Hurry S Lecturer

(1) Academic Staff : Mr. Chandrashekhar Padaruth
(a) Area of Specialisation : Geography
(b) Responsibility/ies : 
•Course coordinator: ACE and MIE-IGNOU
•Subject coordinator: Geography and Environmental Education
(c) Research Interest:
•Climate Change, Education for Sustainable development and Geography Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities: 
•Geography Curriculum Coordinator: STD III & IV textbooks
•Geography Panel member: STD V and VI textbooks;
•Coordinator: secondary curriculum (social studies/geography)
•Coordinator: Enhancement Programme: Standard IV
•Resource person for MCA & MES

(2) Academic Staff : Dr Seema Goburdhun
(a) Area of Specialisation : History
(b) Responsibility/ies :     •Asst. Programme Coordinator – Educator’s Licence
•Course Coordinator – PGCE, B-Ed
•Subject Coordinator – History, Heritage Education
•Resource Person – Quality Assurance
(c) Research Interest : History Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities : 
•History Curriculum Coordinator and panel member: Standard V and VI Textbooks
•Panel member: Life Skills – Pre Vocational
•Coordinator: Enhancement Programme: Standard III & IV
•Team Member Sankoré Project – History
•Resource person for MCA and MES

(3) Academic Staff : Mr. Pierre-André Boullé
Lecturer: Geography, Citizenship Education, Education for Sustainable Development
(a) Area of Specialisation : Geography and Citizenship Education
(b) Responsibility/ies :
•Assistant Programme Coordinator: TD-Primary
•Course Coordinator – TD Primary, TD Pre Vocational
•Subject Coordinator – Citizenship Education, Travel and Tourism, Education for Sustainable Development
(c) Research Interest : 
•Social Geography, Urban Geography, Geography Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
•Geography Curriculum Coordinator and panel member: STD V & VI textbooks
•Assistant Panel Coordinator: Life Skills Pre Vocational.
•Coordinator: Enhancement Programme: Standard III
•Resource person for MES

(4) Academic Staff : Mr Ramsaha Jay
Lecturer: Sociology, Sociology of Education, Citizenship Education and Inquiry into the Social Context of a locality
(a) Area of Specialisation : Sociology and Citizenship Education
(b) Responsibility/ies :
•Course Coordinator: PGCE Rodrigues, TD Secondary, EL, TC Pre-Vocational
•Subject Coordinator: Sociology, Inquiry into the Social Context of a Locality
(c) Research Interest
•Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable development (ESD), Communication Sociology
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
•Enhancement Program std III & IV