YES Maths Website

The Yes Math! initiative is a project that is currently being developed at the Mauritius Institute of Education to support and motivate students to learn mathematics in Grade 9. At this initial stage, the focus is at the Form 3 (Grade 9) level. We intend to extend the project to Form 1 (Grade 7) and Form 2 (Grade 8) as well as primary level mathematics in the near future. The website contains resources both for students and teachers.

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Virtual Maths Platform

This project is an initiative of a team from the Mathematics Education Department of the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) to promote the use of interactive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based tools in the teaching and learning of Mathematics in Mauritius. The project is in line with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) Secondary which highlights the importance of ICT in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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World Bank-MIE project

Math and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa (MS4SSA)

The World Bank-MIE project involves the implementation of a novel instructional model called Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) and the Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) for the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science.

This pedagogical approach reconfigures the learning environment based on the integration of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and teacher development. It is premised on socio-constructivist principles in terms of prioritising group work and communication. It underscores students’ active participation and engagement (cognitive, behavioural, emotional) in the learning process. Students learn mathematics and science through exploration and sense making. The activity-based approach is particularly useful for underachieving students.

The instructional model uses interactive technologies to transform and enhance the teaching and learning process. The project team at the MIE is developing teaching and learning materials, both in digital and manipulative forms for the Extended Programme, aligned with the Teaching and Learning syllabus. Resources for Grade 7 can be downloaded from the links below.

1. Numbers-0-1000

2. Ordinal Numbers

3. Addition and Subtraction of Numbers ( 1-1000)

4. Even and Odd Numbers

5. Angles

6. Lines

7. Symmetry

8. Mass 

9. Fraction

10. Pictogram

11. Bar Chart

12. Units of Capacity

13. Conversion of units of Capacity

14. Length

15.  Length (perimeter)

16. Money

17. Time

18.  Time – Section 2

19. Multiplication