Head of School : Mrs R R Baichoo

Phone : 401 6555

The School of Arts and Humanities is the largest school of the MIE with its 5 departments and 2 units, serviced by 30 academics.

It is home to the language departments of English and French to which a Mauritian Kreol Unit has been added in September 2010, making the MIE the only tertiary education institution to have set up a structure for Kreol Morisien as of now.

The School also comprises the departments of Social Studies, Business Education and Visual Arts; a Performing Arts Unit with much to its credit already was set up in 2010. It is a school where creativity, expressiveness, identity and memory, geography and entrepreneurship coalesce.

The School of Arts and Humanities has from the outset counted in its midst eminent scholars like V. Y. Hookoomsing, R. Furlong, I. Asgarally, A. C. Kalla, M. Jumeer. Others have joined over the years and shown the same commitment to their field and to education, like D. Virahsawmy, K. Nazroo, R. Tirvassen and P. Saddul.

They have passed on the torch to new comers and inspired them in their dream of excellence. Today the School counts some 10 PhD holders and many are enrolled on distance doctoral programmes while one is currently completing his in the USA in a bid to grow professionally. One seasoned academic is currently on leave and heading the department of modern languages at the University of Pretoria, South Africa; another one has, despite his young age, been offered a permanent post at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.The School is engaged in teacher education and curriculum development. The School also takes pride in the increasing number of research projects in which its members are engaged as well: enquiry through research enables us to plough back knowledge and experience in our practice as teacher educators and curriculum developers, thereby, encouraging constant re-thinking of practice. The School seeks to build bridges with practising and performing artists and writers, with a view to promoting the arts in the country as well as encouraging cultural sensitivity and literacy.

Africa Leadership Award

The School of Arts & Humanities currently has five departments and two units.

Business Education Department

English Language Department

French Language Department

Social Studies Department

Visual Arts Department

Kreol Unit

Performing Arts Unit