The PGCE PT programme has been designed in line with the Professional Standards developed by the MIE. Conceptualised by academics of the MIE and MGI, this programme proposes modules which are highly relevant to your professional development with the aim of fostering transformative practices at the level of your classroom and the school at large.

The PGCE PT programme comprises:

  • Professional Studies
  • Professional Practice
  • Electives

The Professional Studies component deals with areas of study which will empower you with the essential pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudes to sustain a supportive teaching and learning environment while at the same time understand and tackle issues which are prevalent at secondary level schooling.

Peer/Micro Teaching and Teaching Practice are key elements of the PGCE PT programme and are part of the Professional Practice component where you will benefit from the support and advice of tutors in view of improving your classroom practices. The Professional Practice Seminars (PPS), which are integral to the Professional Practice component, serve as platform for interaction with tutors and peers on pertinent issues that shape your professional identity and practice.

An attractive feature of the PGCE PT programme is the inclusion of a diversity of elective modules which, at times, might depart from the customary teaching and learning of your subject area, but which still contribute to the development of enhanced pedagogical skills and knowledge.


The PGCE Part Time (PT) Programme extends over a period of two years or four semesters.  It endeavours to empower practicing trainee educators for transformative practice within a supportive environment. The Programme has been designed around three cornerstones, namely key knowledge, skills and attitudes that educators require to engage in reflective practice, thereby paving the way for further professional growth.

The aims of the PGCE PT Programme are to:

  • Assist trainee educators in the development of core competencies as per the Professional Standards of the MIE (see Appendix I)
  • Sensitize trainee educators to the diversity of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that impact upon the teaching and learning process
  • Equip trainee educators with appropriate pedagogical content knowledge that will enhance the effectiveness of their teaching
  • Develop trainee educators’ understanding of learners and the learning environment as crucial factors influencing the choice of teaching and learning strategies.
  • Develop trainee educators’ ability to adopt a critical stance towards their own practice as a prompt for continuous innovation
  • Initiate trainee educators into a research culture that will lead to lifelong learning
  • Empower trainee educators with the ability to integrate elements of research and innovation in their practice for the benefit of their learners
  • Support trainee educators in the development of a strong sense of professionalism and commitment in the conduct of their duties


PGCE trainee educators are governed by the prevailing General Rules, Regulations and Information for students – October 2015 pertaining to all MIE students.

PGCE trainees are further governed by regulations specific to the PGCE programme as outlined below:

Entry Requirements

The PGCE is offered to candidates with the following profiles:

  • A degree relevant to the main field of study offered.
  • Candidates should be practising secondary school teachers.


Trainee educators on the PGCE programme will be registered at the beginning of the academic year.  They can be registered for a maximum of three years.


The PGCE programme will be run over four semesters, i.e. two academic years on a part-time basis. The normal duration of the programme is four semesters with a maximum duration of six semesters.  A candidate may be allowed to take a referred/failed module up to the maximum duration of the programme.

Scheme of Evaluation

To be awarded the PGCE, a trainee educator has to pass in all modules/components, and obtain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.00.  To be awarded a PGCE with distinction, candidates should earn a minimum GPA of 3.20 and above.

All modules will be assessed through written examination and/or coursework.  The appropriate weighting between the two modes of assessment will be determined by the departments concerned.

Each module/component will be assessed on a four-point scale. To pass in these modules/components, students will have to earn at least a C grade.

When modules are assessed through coursework and examination, a minimum of at least 40% should be attained separately in coursework and examination, with an overall total of a minimum of 50% for the trainee educator to pass in the module.  To pass in these modules/components, candidates have to earn at least a ‘C’ grade.

Each of the grades ‘A’ to ‘E’ will be assigned Grade Points as follows:

Grade D (partly referred)

Grade D will apply for any module with more than one component where the student has secured an overall pass mark of 50% but has failed to meet the minimum pass mark of 40% in any one component.

Grade I (Incomplete)

Grade I will cover the following situations:

  • Student is absent for one or more modules but the absence is justified (e.g. absence due to ill-health and presentation of valid medical certificates within the prescribed time limit.
  • Interruption of courses.
  • Teaching Practice has not been completed yet and is justified by valid reasons.

Professional Practice

The Professional Practice component (Professional Practice Seminars, Peer/Micro Teaching and Teaching Practice) will be assessed on a four-point scale, as follows:

A, B, C and E, with ‘A’ to ‘C’ are considered to be a pass and ‘E’ a failure.  Students should score a minimum of 50% in each component to pass.

Failure in Professional Practice Component

For School-Based Experience, a maximum of two re-sits will be allowed. In case the student is unsuccessful after two re-sits, the matter will be referred to the Academic Board by the Award Committee for necessary action.

A trainee educator who has failed in Teaching Practice and Peer/Micro Teaching shall be given a maximum of two re-sits in the final semester. In case of failure again, the Academic Board will consider the withdrawal of the candidate.

A trainee educator who has failed in Professional Practice Seminars (PPS) will be reassessed in this component the following semester, if available. Two re-sits are allowed for PPS. Should the candidate fail on both occasions, the Academic Board will consider the withdrawal of the candidate.

Submission of Assignment

Assignments for MIE tutors shall be submitted to the ‘Assignment Office’, Room F 11, South Block where a record of all incoming assignments along with the trainee educator’s signature and date of submission will be kept.  The submission of assignments for MGI tutors will be done at the MGI.  The trainee must keep a copy of the assignment.  The assignment should be typed in size 12, Times New Roman unless indicated otherwise by the tutor(s) concerned.

Where to submit?

Assignment Submission Sheet & Extension

Deadline for the submission of assignments shall be strictly observed.  To request for extension, the relevant form (Appendix II) should be filled in and submitted two weeks before the deadline for approval by the respective tutors. All unwarranted delay in the submission of assignments by the trainee educators shall be treated as ‘referred for the semester’ and results will be declared at the end of the subsequent semester.

An Assignment Submission Sheet (see Appendix III) should be attached to the assignment submitted.

The lecturer will not be held responsible for any loss of assignment if no evidence of signature is available.  The Officer shall hand over all assignments submitted to the lecturer concerned who shall acknowledge receipt of same.

Referred/Failed Candidates

At the end of each semester, a candidate who will not have obtained a minimum GPA of 2.00 will be allowed to be re-examined/re-assessed in the following semester in the course/s in which s/he will have obtained a ‘C’ grade.

A candidate who has obtained an ‘E’ grade in either written examination or coursework will be re-examined/re-assessed for same in the following semester if the module is being run.

The highest grade obtainable for a re-examination/re-assessment in any component will be a ‘C’.

The maximum number of modules that a student is allowed to be referred in should not exceed one third of the total number of modules offered in that year.

Exceptional Cases/Cases of Illness

A trainee educator who fails to sit for one or more examinations or fails to submit any assignment, on the ground of exceptional circumstances or illness may be given special examination in the paper/s concerned in the following semester, if available.

In the case of illness, a medical certificate from a Government Medical Practitioner must be submitted to the Registrar at latest on the day of the examination. The MIE reserves the right to have the candidate examined by a doctor of its choice. In all cases, the MIE must be satisfied with the evidence submitted.

Unsatisfactory Progress/Conduct

A trainee educator whose progress or conduct is not satisfactory shall be given a written warning by the Registrar on the recommendation of the Programme Coordinator and the lecturer concerned.

In the absence of improvement, a strong and final written warning shall be sent to the trainee educator by the Registrar on the recommendation of the Programme Coordinator and the Course Coordinator.  In case there is still no improvement, the matter shall be referred to a Committee set up by the Academic Board.  The Committee will hear all parties concerned and make its recommendations to Academic Board.

The decision of the Academic Board shall be final.


A trainee educator shall satisfy a minimum of 80% attendance for each module in order to be eligible for assessment in any module (either for examination or assignment/coursework).

In case a trainee educator fails to satisfy the 80% attendance for module assessed by course work only, he/she will have to resubmit coursework after having met the (80% attendance by joining the course as and when it is next offered).

The attendance shall be taken by each lecturer concerned on registers specially prepared for the purpose.

In case a trainee educator shows signs of eventual deficit attendance, the lecturer concerned shall issue an attendance report status (Appendix IV) with copy to the Course Coordinator and the Programme Coordinator.

If, at the end of the Semester, the trainee educator falls short of the mandatory 80% in any one or more modules without any plausible reason, s/he shall be barred from the examinations/coursework concerned and shall be informed accordingly in writing by the Registrar.


A trainee educator shall be punctual and shall attend all classes.

A trainee educator who is regularly late may not be allowed to enter the class at the discretion of the lecturer concerned. He/she will be marked absent. In such a case, the trainee educator may fall short of the required 80% attendance requirement in that module and he/she shall be barred from related examinations and coursework.

Award of Certificate

To be awarded a Certificate, candidates will have to obtain 45 credits with an overall minimum GPA of 2.00.

Validation of Results

Semester Results

The results for each semester are validated by the:

  • Subject Board of Examiners (Departmental Board)
  • School Board
  • Award Committee

Final results

The Award Committee will make recommendations to the Academic Board for the award of the Certificate.

On termination of the programme, each candidate will be given an official transcript indicating the course(s)/component(s) taken and results obtained.

Right of Appeal

A candidate may make a request for a reviewing (process) of a script/coursework/portfolio/Professional Journal after results have been officially proclaimed by the MIE.  S/he must address a request in writing within 15 days of the date of proclamation of results to the Head of the Examination Section, MIE.  No request will be entertained thereafter.

A nominal fee of Rs 500/- per paper/ assignment will be charged for any request for re-marking or re-viewing of any officially declared result.

Amendment to General Regulations and Scheme of Evaluation

The Academic Board of the Mauritius Institute of Education reserves the right to amend the General Regulations, Programme structure and Scheme of Evaluation as and when the need arises.


All cases of plagiarism will be reported to a Disciplinary Committee comprising the Head of Department, Head of Examination Section, Programme Coordinator, and Course Coordinator.  If a case is established, the student will be informed of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.


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