Mauritius Research Council Funded – Ongoing projects

  • School violence and indiscipline in Primary Schools: A case for creating safer schools in Mauritius through an intervention programme.
    Principal Investigator: Professor Y. Ramma;
    Members: I. Koodoruth (University of Mauritius), Dr B. Oogarah-Pratap, DrA. Bholoa, Dr S. Payneeandy & Dr. P. Nadal;
    Co-team member: Dr A. Ankiah-Gangadeen, Dr V. Bissonauth, C. Thondee & A. Gungadeen
  • Students’ (& graduates) difficulties in science, technology, engineering and mathematics duringtransitionsfrom secondary to tertiary levels, and to teacher training.
    Principal Investigator: Professor Y. Ramma;
    Members: Dr S. Jawaheer (University of Mauritius), S. Gunness (University of Mauritius), Dr A. Bholoa, Dr A. Rumjaun& N. Hurreeram;
    Co-team member: Dr T. Mohabeer
  • Design and experimentation ofdigital classroom for 21stcentury in secondary schools.
    Principal Investigator: V. A. Oojorah;
    Members: (Educators-Secondary): Dr A. Pultoo, K. Sheoraj, M. Ujoodha, P. Naseeven, V. Roocha, S. Panchoo, H. Rajcoomar, A. Bullee & N. Meunier
  • Globalization,national development, and poverty in Mauritius.
    Principal Investigator: Dr T. Mohabeer
  • Class 21 – Milestone Report Jan 2018 – June 2018