Research in language studies is increasingly moving beyond disciplinary frontiers, making it a dynamic space for thinking and rethinking epistemological, theoretical and methodological underpinnings of research especially moving beyond the familiarity post-qualitative paradigms and into alternative epistemologies and complexity-driven thinking. The shifting dynamics of research toward these alternative paradigms opens up new avenues for fertile reflections around the issue of languages. The Language Studies Doctoral Research Laboratory provides a  structured, supportive, academic environment for assisting doctoral candidates, within this interdisciplinary ambit, through activities designed to encourage the development of a vibrant research discourse and  the emergence of critical research skills . As per the 2013 MIE Quality Audit, which highlighted the importance of research for the institution, the  ‘Lab’ thus presents a viable route towards addressing the needs of the Mauritius Institute of Education, through capacity building for  doctoral candidates and supervisors, scaling up research outputs, and facilitating the achievement of the MIE strategic goals in relation to the theme of research.

Beyond the institution, the research laboratory also aims to gain regional and international visibility through affiliation and collaboration with partner institutions, in the Indian Ocean, and further abroad internationally. The establishment of these links would not only solidify the laboratory’s stance in terms of research output, but also provide opportunities for collaboration through various activities aiming to build capacity among academics and doctoral students. Members of the Language Studies Doctoral Research Laboratory already have an international reach as they have completed/are engaged in their doctoral studies with international universities, in areas of language, linguistics, and literature. Development of intra and inter institutional collaboration and sharing of ideas, advancing understanding of methodological and paradigmatic postures, and increasing research dissemination by providing relevant support and facilities, notably through the organisation of different activities, are the aims of the LSDRL.

LSDRL Coordinator: Dr Shameem Oozeerally

University of Mauritius, PhD in Language Studies (French)

Discipline: Epistemology, complexity, (socio)linguistics, ecolinguistics

LSDRL Assistant Coordinator: Helina Hookoomsing

St. Mary’s University, Final Year PhD student

Discipline: Ecolinguistics, children’s literature, creative expression, holistic education


Dr Shrita Hassamal 

Université Paris Diderot, PhD in Theoretical and Descriptive Linguistics

Discipline: Linguistics, Creole studies

Rajendra Korlapu-Bungaree 

University of Kwazulu-Natal, Final Year PhD student

Discipline: English literature, language studies, literature teaching

Evelyn Lee Chin Kee Mew Wan Khin 

University of Brighton, EdD student

Discipline: Language studies, language teaching, literacy

Kaviraj Sharma Peedoly 

Aix-Marseille Université, PhD student

Discipline: Language teaching, language studies

Dr Pascal Nadal 

University of Mauritius, PhD in English (American literature)

Discipline: Language studies, literature, multilingualism, Creole studies

Justin Zelime 

University of Umea, PhD student

Discipline: Language studies, multilingualism, literacy

Priscille Ah-Toy 

Université de Tours, PhD student

Discipline: Sociolinguistics, language teaching, language politics



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