The aim of the exhibit organized by Mrs Beebeejaun Roojee, Mrs Gowreesunkur Veerapen and Dr Bissonauth from the Home Economics Department was to showcase the work of the ECETC Cohort 2020-2021 FT. The students had to design a flyer which would help in the teaching and learning of concepts in Health, Nutrition and Safety. They were requested to use scrap material, bristol paper, magazine cuttings, fabrics and other materials to develop and prepare a Tri-fold or a Z- fold flyer of A-4 size on ONE of the following topics discussed in class:
• Food hygiene
• Personal hygiene
• Safety at school – indoor
• Safety at school – outdoor
• Health Promotion
The exhibit provided a platform for visitors to engage in learning, thinking, sharing, discovering, remembering, and socializing with a view to build a community of practice.