The ESD initiatives/projects and other events have led to various types of publication including scientific report and articles, bulletin, newsletter and learning resource materials such as manuals, guidebooks, pamphlets, brochures, flyer, fact sheets and information pack/kit.

Some major Research documents and articles

A. Research Papers

Bokhoree S, Bholah R and Jheengut A (2012). Environmental Clubs as Vehicles for Promoting Education for Environmental Sustainability in Mauritian Secondary Schools”. International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. (

B. Conference Papers

Bhagooli R, Jheengut A, Bholah R (2008) Public perception and attitudes towards mangroves and its conservation along the coast of Mauritius. Research Week 2008, University of Mauritius, Mauritius.

Bholah R and Goburdhun S (2009).  Role of indigenous knowledge in education for sustainable development at primary level.  Proceedings of EEASA 2009, Bostwana.

Lotz-Sisitka H, Bholah R, Chilishe B, Ellery K, Jobo M, Kampamba R, Kasembe R, Ketlhoilwe M J, Maila W K, Monjane A, Namafe C, Ramakhula L, Seroto J, Shumba O, Zealand E (2009).  Education for sustainable development, educational quality and relevance: an overview of the current SADC-REEP research Programme. Proceedings of EEASA 2009, Bostwana.

Bholah R and Goburdhun S (2010).  ESD and Teacher Education.  Proceedings of EEASA 2010, Zambia.

Gokool-Ramdoo, Rumjaun A and Bholah R (2012). Systemic Approach to Environmental Literacy: Towards a sustainable Africa. Proceedings of ADEA Triennial  on Education and Training in Africa 2012,   Bukina Faso

Bholah R (2012). ESD in a changing society and a real concern for Climate Change Education. Proceedings of EEASA 2012, Grahamstown.

R Bholah, O N Varma, S Thancanamotoo,   A Rumjaun, M Cyparsade, V. Putchay, P A Boullé and C Padaruth (2013). CCESD – the Pathway for learning about climate change, its mitigation and adaptation strategies. Experts Meeting on Climate Change Education  for Sus Sustainable Development in Africa

C. Research Reports

A situational Analysis of Education for Sustainable Development in Mauritius (UNESCO Project) (S Thancanamootto, Dr R Bholah, Dr A Rumjaun & Dr V Putchay)

D. Technical Reports

  • National Consultation Workshop Report on Education for Sustainable Development (2015). Ministry of Education and Human Resource [Coordinator] (2015)
  • Education and Communication for Sustainable Lifestyles- Primary Sector (2010) (Coordinator) *
  • Education and Communication for Sustainable Lifestyles- Secondary Sector (2010) (Coordinator) *
  • MIE Report on Climate Change Education for Africa Adaptation Programme (2012)

E. Chapter in Books

  1. Dialogue (2012): Environmental Learning Research. RU ELRC Publication.
  2. Climate change in SADC School Curriculum (2015). Africa Institute of South Africa Publication
  3. Learning today for tomorrow: schooling for sustainable development in Africa (2016). Spring Publication
  4. Education for Sustainable Development: effective teaching and learning in Teacher Education institutions in Africa (2017). (In Press, UNESCO Publication).

F. Newsletter/Bulletin

Bholah R (2006).  School Compost Project ¾ Becoming a Success Event in Mauritius. UNEP Bulletin

G. Learning resource materials

  • ARPERGE Manual (COI funded)
  • Teachers’ Resource Material on “Reproductive Health, Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Infection Education: Primary Sector”. MIE Publication
  • Teachers’ Resource Material on “Reproductive Health, Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted          Infection Education: Secondary Sector”. MIE Publication
  • Student Manual on Ecological Footprinting. University of Technology, Mauritius Mauritius Research Council and Mauritius Institute of Education (UTM, MRC/MIE)  Publication
  • Teachers Manual on Ecological Footprinting. UTM/MRC/MIE  Publication
  • School compost Project Pamphlet (MoENDU funded)
  • Environment Literacy Programme ( ADEA funded)
  • Climate Change for Education for Sustainable Development Resource Pack (CCESD) (UNESCO funded)
  • Climate Change Education Kit – primary school sector (JICA/UNDP funded project)
  • Climate Change Education Kit – Secondary School Sector (JICA/UNDP funded project)
  • Sustainable Development – sensitizing primary school students on related subjects at Le Morne Village (EU/DCP funded project)