Some major ESD events of the MIE are as follows:

  • International Conference

Colloquium on “Engaging stakeholders on Climate Change issues” at Municipality City Council of Port Louis, Mauritius (08-10 October 2015)

The Climate Change Colloquium was an initiative of the Association pour le Développement Durable (ADD) and was organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Disaster and Beach Management (MOESDDBM), the Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), the Municipal City Council of Port Louis, the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Aid Action, AHEAD, CLIMAGRI Ltd, Civil Society Forum (CSF) and Development Practitioners in Network (DPiN), to provide a forum for interaction and sharing of experience among the public and private sectors, academia, youth organisations, civil society and NGOs in a ‘bottom-up’ initiative ahead of the Paris UN Climate Change Conference in December 2015.

  • Workshop
  1. Workshop on MarineBiodiversityand Sustainable Development (13-15 December 2010). 

The University of Mauritius  in collaboration with Mauritius Institute of  Education and The Biodiversity & Environment Institute organized a workshop on “Marine Biodiversity and Sustainable Development” (MBSD) at the University of Mauritius between 13 and 15 December 2010.  It was aimed at increasing knowledge and raising awareness on local marine biodiversity and sustainable development among biology teachers, university students and concerned stakeholders.  This event also enabled them to appreciate the ecological value and the associated socio-economic benefits of our marine biodiversity in the context of sustainable development and 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.

  1. National Consultation Workshop on the implementation of the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (09 July 2015)

MIE coordinated the national consultation workshop on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) which held on 09 July 2015 at La Canelle, Paille. The event was organized by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.  It was aimed at mapping existing policies, strategies and programmes on ESD at National level and identify gaps and priority areas for implementing ESD.  This lead to a country report on ESD which was later presented in a Regional UNESCO workshop at Harare, Zimbabwe.

  1. UNESCO Regional Experts Meeting for SADC Countries on ESD held in Mauritius  (January, 1999)

A range of EE/ESD initiatives undertaken by SADC countries were presented and discussed.  These led to a set of recommendations for the promotion of ESD in the region.

  • Exhibition

Frugal Living Exhibition held on MIE Campus (April 2012)