Aim of the Programme

The aim of the Programme is to empower the coordinators/ supervisors/ inspectors with knowledge, core skills and competencies which will help them to become proactive, supportive and creative when responding to the specific exigencies related to their duties and responsibilities.

Eligibility/Minimum Entry Requirements

This programme is offered to practicing coordinators, supervisors, and inspectors who have the Teacher’s Certificate Pre-Primary (TCPP) and a Certificate in Preschool Teacher Education and Supervision from MIE.


Semester Module Code Module Title No. of Credits
1 DPEMI/1101 The Education System, School Organisation And School Culture 3
DPEMI/1102 Leadership, Administration And Management In Early Childhood 3
DPEMI/1103 Supervising Classroom Practices In Early Years 3
2 DPEMI/1204 Monitoring Teaching And Learning 1( Psed, Hpd, Ecad) 3
DPEMI/1205 Ict In Educational Management And Inspection 3
DPEMI/1206 Supervision Of Assessment In Early Years 3
3 DPEMI/2101 Monitoring Teaching And Learning Ii: (Bea, Mlt, Cll) 3
DPEMI/2102 Curriculum Issues In Early Years 3
DPEMI/2103 Building Relationship With Stakeholders In Early Childhood 3
4 DPEMI/2204 Staff Development And Mentoring In Early Childhood 2
DPEMI/2205 Administrative Procedures And Inspection In Preschools 3
DPEMI/2206 Independent Study(Starts Semester 3) 4
DPEMI/2207 Professional Practice(Starts Semester 2) 6
Total 42