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Gungadeen A (Miss) Senior Lecturer
Oojorah V A (Dr) Senior Lecturer
Udhin W (Mrs) Dr Senior Lecturer
Hemraj P (Mrs) Lecturer
Narayen D B Lecturer
Ramsaha S Lecturer
Rajaballee Y B (Miss) Lecturer

In line with emerging trends and modes of delivery, MIE has a Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) that offers all technical and pedagogical support for developing online courses to reach out to a larger number of trainees. The Educator’s Licence is one of the courses offered through a mixed mode with a substantial dose of online learning. Other courses will soon be on offer through this mode.

The ODLC is at present engaged in an innovative programme of digitalizing all the primary school textbooks, developing interactive materials and in training all primary school personnel in the use of interactive boards as part of the Sankore project, a Franco-British project for Africa.  

[1] Prior to 1998, private secondary schools could employ holders of Higher School Certificate (HSC). Thereafter, due to policy decisions for an all graduate workforce in secondary schools, there has been a drastic decline of HSC holders being recruited in private secondary schools, except for certain scarcity areas such as Physical Education and Home Economics.

[2] Conditions apply: exemption is granted for qualifications obtained within 7 years prior to joining any further training programme.

(i) Academic Staff – Mr A. Oojorah
(b) Area of Specialisation
• Educational technologies
• Sociology
(c) Responsibility/ies 
• Project manager of the sankoré project
(d) Research Interest
(e) Other activities & responsibilities

Academic Staff – (ii) Miss Anu Gungadeen
a) Area of Specialisation
Educational technologies
b) Responsibility/ies 
• Course coordinator (online) for Educator’s Licence programme

Academic Staff : Mr Christian Li Luen Ching
(a) Area of Specialisation: Computer Science & System Design
(b) Responsibilities:
• Assistant Programme Coordinator- PGCE (PT) Rodrigues
• Panel Coordinator Pre-Vocational Curriculum
• Departmental Resource Person for Quality Assurance
(c) Research Interest: Educational Technologies
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
   Course Coordinator for the following Programmes:
• Teacher’s Diploma Secondary
• Teacher’s Diploma Primary (MIE-IGNOU)
• Diploma in Educational Supervision & Inspection (DESI)
• Diploma in Educational Management
• Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership (PGDEL)
• Certificate for Instructors Fire Services (CIFS)
Dissertation Supervisor for MA (Education) Brighton/MIE

Projects & Activities of CODL:

The Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL), Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE), provides high quality technical and pedagogical services in the field of Open and Distance Learning pertaining to teacher education to its clients. The MIE has been a major player in distance education in Mauritius. It is aiming to evolve and to provide state of the art e-learning to its stakeholders.

The ODL services of the MIE were previously heavily print-based. The institution is presently moving towards electronic delivery [e-learning] of courses which includes, amongst others, computer mediated instruction and computer supported collaborative work. These delivery options are blended with face-to-face sessions.

The major projects of the CODL include the following:
• Servicing the Educator’s Licence course
• Sankoré Project
• Development of digital resources for enhancement programme

Activities of the school
The CODL academics’ job are different from the traditional academics’ job descriptions of the MIE in the following way: Course Production:
• Builds, maintains and archives course websites.
• Implements e-learning methods through the application of LMS, multimedia and Web technologies.
• Creates and manages course and orientation websites.

Support:   • Develops helpdesk support procedures for course websites.
• Responds to technology-related questions from all stakeholders in a timely manner.

Media Production:
• Create and develop multimedia learning materials.
• Maintenance/editing of existing multimedia resources.
• Ensures that production standards are met, including the integrity of the design and content.
• Prepares multimedia presentations (PowerPoint or video).

Project Management:
• Tracks production schedule and project plan, providing periodic status reports.
• Participates in course development meetings.
• Holds regular communication with SME during course development process.
• Manages resources and activities related to instructional design, course production, course revisions, staff training in course development and online teaching techniques, and policy and standards development.

Standards and Quality Assurance:
• Maintains standards for templates, image, video, and audio in the content management system.
• With academic staffs, management and instructional designer, establishes and manages the quality assurance process.
• Performs quality review process on all courses, the website and multimedia applications.

Academia and Student Training:
• Conducts workshops and training of staffs in the design and use of the program in relation to the LMS/website when needed.

Professional Development and Research:
• Establish links with other ODL institutions.
• Monitor and review new software and hardware products and tools.
• Research and review emerging technologies and course resources.

Newsletter E-novators First Edition – May 2019