Business Education Department

Head of Department : Mr. Beefun R


The Business Education Department of MIE, as part of a teacher training institution, seeks to offer teacher training programmes in the field of Business, Economics, Accounting, Travel & Tourism and Enterprise. The courses offered are developed to expose the trainees to core areas in the secondary school curriculum. In line with the National Education Policy, the Business Education Department intends to produce teachers who can effectively teach all business subjects at secondary level of education. The primary aim of the department is the development of pedagogical skills and provide educators with knowledge, skills and attitudes required in the teaching of business subjects.

The objectives of the Department are:

  • To equip trainees with the necessary competencies to teach business subjects in secondary schools.
  • To prepare trainees with pedagogical skills to teach business subjects.
  • To develop trainees critical thinking skills.
  • To enable trainees to apply appropriate teaching strategies in the classroom.
  • To develop new and updated courses within the Business Education curriculum.
  • To produce educators who will engage in professional studies in Business Education.
  • To provide opportunities for in/pre-service educators to improve and update their professional competence.


Contact info

Beefun R Senior Lecturer
Sheik Abbass B N Dr (Miss) Senior Lecturer
Veeraragoo V R (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Gowreesunkar G (Dr Miss) (On leave) Lecturer

(i) Academic Staff : Veeraragoo V R (Mrs)
(a)Area of Specialisation : Business Education
(b) Responsibility/ies
• B.Ed (Hons) (FT & PT) Business Education Course Coordinator
• Quality Assurance Resource Person
• Value BASED Education Programme Coordinator
• Teachers Dilpoma Secondary (FT) Assitant Programme Coordinator
(c) Research Interest : Management /Teacher education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities

(ii) Academic Staff : Nazeerah Sheik Abbass
(a) Area of Specialisation : Business Education
(b) Responsibility/ies
• PGCE Assistant Programme Coordinator
• PGCE Rodrigues Coordinator
(c) Research Interest
• Management /Teacher education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
• Member of Research Unit
• ESD Project
• Treasurer of MIEASA
• Liasion person for competition organized by the School

(iii) Academic Staff : Roodradeo Beefun
(a) Area of Specialisation : Business Education
(b) Responsibility/ies
    • TDS Assistant Programme Coordinator
• Educators Licence
(c) Research Interest
    • Quality and Teacher Education
(d) Other activities & responsibilities