Visual Arts Department

The Visual Arts Department is committed to excellence and innovation in the teaching of Visual Arts. The Department is involved in most of the courses delivered at the MIE: pre-primary, primary, secondary and post-graduation level. Courses delivered at the department prepare trainees in all fields of Visual Arts: drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, graphic design, decorative art as well as Art History.

Few years back, the Department started servicing an elective in Digital Photography at post-graduation level for trainees coming from different subject areas with a view to empower them in using Digital photography in teaching and learning at school.

The Department regularly holds exhibitions of students’ works whereby students are empowered to take charge of mounting their own exhibitions as well as communicating same to the public at large through various Medias: posters, online advertisements and articles in press.

With a view of supporting in-service Visual Arts teachers, the Department also hold workshops on various aspects of Visual Arts related to new trends in Visual Arts Education. The most recent one being ‘The Use of ICT in the teaching and learning of Visual Arts’.

Academics at the Department are also practicing artists at both national and international level. Participants in local and international exhibitions, the academics at the Department also act as Jury for Art competitions.

Head of Department : Mr. Authelsingh D

Contact info

Beeharry-Konglar M (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Authelsingh D Senior Lecturer
Shibdoyal V K Senior Lecturer
Booputh B (Mrs) Lecturer
Callimootoo Jeewon M (Mrs) Lecturer

Art Event at the MIE