Academic Board


S.N Members Name
1. Dr O N Varma Director (Chairperson)
2. Mrs A Ghoorah Representative, Ministry of Education & HR, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research
3. Prof V NaeckHead, Curriculum Development and Supervision
4. Mr K Goodoory Head, Centre for Open & Distance Learning
5. Dr A Rumjaun Head, School of Science & Mathematics
6. Dr (Mrs) N Rughoonundun-Chellapermal Head, School of Arts & Humanities
7. Mr C Tengar Head, School of Education
8. Dr (Mrs) B Oogarah-Pratap Ag. Head, School of Applied Sciences
9. Mr M Luchoomun Director, Private Secondary Education Authority (PSEA)
10. Dr I Ramlall Representative, University of Mauritius
11. Mr I Seetaramadoo Representative, Open University of Mauritius
12. Mr C Armoogum Representative, Mauritius Examinations Syndicate
13. Mrs S Mungur Representative, Mahatma Gandhi Institute
14. Dr R Nenduradu School of Science & Mathematics
15. Mr C Jahangeer School of Education
16. Dr V Putchay School of Arts & Humanities
17. Mr R Rajcoomar School of Applied Sciences
18. Mr I Dwarka Representative, Government Teacher’s Union (Primary)
19. Mr V Ramdonee Representative, Government Secondary School Teacher’s Union
20. Mr D Lallchand Representative, MIE Student Union

In attendance

S.N Members Name
1. Dr H Bessoondyal Quality Assurance Coordinator
2. Mrs R Azaree Deputy Registrar, Examinations Section
3. Mr S Dhunnoo Assistant Registrar, Teacher Education Section