Teacher Diploma Primary

The Teacher’s Diploma Primary programme has been thoroughly reviewed and adjusted to the new demands of the Nine Year Continuous Education project of the Ministry. It takes into account that the General Purpose, Asian language, Kreol Morisien and Arabic educators will henceforth be more closely concerned with the core subjects, while there will be another educator for Holistic Education concerned with the teaching of non-core subjects.

The new curriculum proposed for the TDP also takes into consideration that all trainees do not join training with the same background and are not conversant with all the learning areas proposed for the primary sector. The programme provides for a number of foundation courses that would give all trainees a basic knowledge of all core subjects. It also provides an initiation into all the elements of the primary curriculum, including the non-core subjects, as teaching should be carried out collaboratively with the educator responsible for the Holistic Education. Attention is also given to Remedial Education and Special Needs Education.

This programme places focus on developing teaching skills and an educator who should be able to face the pupils with confidence. Thus, the subject didactics component is designed to provide opportunity for the trainees to engage in teaching with peers in the classroom before embarking in teaching practice in schools. A closer attention will be provided to mentorship, both within MIE and in schools, with the support of trained mentors.

Teaching is a very challenging activity as everybody has an opinion on teaching and the profession. Trainees should understand that they are embarking on a profession which demands a lifelong commitment to one’s own professional development. The initial training, like any other teacher
training programme, will be able to provide only the basics. The world of education, the methods of teaching and the ways and means of learning are going to evolve and change considerably during one’s lifetime as an educator. While training helps to develop some unique skills which will benefit trainees on personal as well as professional fronts, being a teacher is a commitment to others and to society, a commitment to do for others what one would consider best for one’s own children. It is above all a commitment to ‘service beyond self’.

This programme is based on the Mauritius Qualifications Framework that sets down the competencies to be developed at the undergraduate Diploma level. The modules are pitched at MQF levels 5 and 6.