Teacher’s Diploma Pre-Vocational

The programme aims at empowering teachers with the competencies and attitudes for initiating an innovative teaching process that will allow pre-vocational pupils to develop their learning potential to a maximum.

Objectives of the programme

It is expected, by the end of the training, programme, that the teacher will be able to:

  • Develop in the pupils the right attitudes and skills to enable them to foster a new positive self-image.
  • Understand the concept  of special and individual educational needs with a view of bringing about social and educational integration of the learners.
  • Understand the principles of learning and motivation and use them to enhance learning in the classroom.
  • Develop and implement relevant school-based curriculum.
  • Understand and use the principles of assessment, evaluation and profiling.
  • Develop communication skills, involvement and appreciation of the arts, the ability to use mathematical, scientific and technological principles together with ICT skills confidently in pupils.
  • Appreciate and understand the special and changing roles of the pre-vocational  teacher for facilitating and creating a learner-friendly institution to cater for the diversity of pupils’ learning needs opportunities and entitlements.

Entry Requirements

The Teacher’s Diploma Pre-Vocational is a post A-Level part time course.  It is offered to practising teachers who teach the pre-vocational stream in private and State secondary schools.  The candidate must have a minimum of five credits at School Certificate Level including English Language along with two A-Levels.


The duration of the course is 3 years on a part time basis, that is 6 Semesters