Teacher’s Certificate in PreVocational Education – School Based Experience

The Certificate in Pre-Vocational Education aims at the professional development of teachers in view of simultaneously equipping them with the general knowledge-base, skills and competences required to cope with classroom situations and further acquire the specific know-how required to optimally prospect and develop the aptitudes of their learners.

SBE Course Details

The School Based Experience (SBE) serves the purpose of inducting teachers in real-life experiences of the Pre-Vocational schools and acquire experiential enrichment through observation, inquiry and practice.  The SBE module is, therefore, essentially of pragmatist inspiration.  It fosters the principles of on-the-job training and learning by doing.


The objectives of School Based Experience  are to:

  • Encourage student teachers to reflect on their teaching so as to develop their skill in self-assessment with a view to improve their practice.
  • Develop critical thinking and observational skills.
  • Plan and organise a class in relation to pupil’s needs.
  • Enable student teachers to test and apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during their training.