Head of School : Dr A Rumjaun  (Associate Professor)

I welcome this initiative of creating a website for the School of Science and Mathematics. This website would serve as a platform for exchanging of information among colleagues within the school. The School of Science and Mathematics comprises the Department of Science Education, which is itself constituted of Biology, Chemistry and Physics as learning areas and the Department of Mathematics Education. Thus, the School of Science and Mathematics has a significant role at Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) in terms of fulfilling the institution’s mandate, namely teacher education, curriculum development and research in education.

The school is actively engaged in curriculum/textbook development in the context of the Nine Year Continuous Basic Education. In this context school staff members have several consultations with relevant stakeholders including educators. Most of our academic staff hold a Ph.D or are currently undertaking one. Thus they have the full potential in engaging in research.

Through this website, I am sure, all the activities organized, resources developed, involvement of staff in workshops/consultancies/conferences in and outside Mauritius and research outputs will be accessible/visible to our strategic partners. We sincerely believe that this will promote the School of Science and Mathematics and the MIE as a whole.

Today we are faced with unprecedented challenges in a fast changing society. We have an important role to play to address these predictable and unpredictable challenges. Like what Einstein stated “We can’t solve (current environmental) problems by using the same kind of thinking (and teaching) we used when creating them”. We have to rethink the Science Technology and Mathematics Education within our teacher education programmes at all levels. We also need to explore avenues for new courses for our clientele with potential international universities.

The School of Science and Mathematics welcomes contributions from all colleagues as and when required so as to sustain this initiative and to make the website dynamic and interactive.


Academic Staff Science

NAME STATUS Phone Ext Email Address
Dr Anwar Bhai Rumjaun Associate Professor 501 a.rumjaun@mie.ac.mu
Dr Saddul-Hauzaree Sarojiny Associate Professor 512 s.saddul@mie.ac.mu
Dr Ravhee Bholah Associate Professor 508 r.bholah@mie.ac.mu
Mr Mohun Cyparsade Associate Professor 507 m.cyparsade@mie.ac.mu
Dr Narod F B (Miss) Associate Professor 521 f.narod@mie.ac.mu


Academic Staff Maths

NAME STATUS Phone Ext Email Address
Dr Ramful Ajay Associate Professor 519 a.ramful@mie.ac.mu
Dr Rajeev Nenduradu Senior Lecturer 516 r.nenduradu@mie.ac.mu
Dr Bholoa Ajeevsing Senior Lecturer 518 a.bholoa@mie.ac.mu
Dr Khemduth Angateeah Lecturer 515 k.angateeah@mie.ac.mu
Mr Sooryadev Purdasseea Lecturer 517 s.purdaseea@mie.ac.mu
Mrs Savilla Thapermall Lecturer 504 sthapermall@mie.ac.mu
Ms Asifa Salehmohamed Lecturer 513 a.salehmohamed@mie.ac.mu

Department of Science

Department of Mathematics