Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership (PGDEL)

The PGDEL Part-Time is a one and a half years (3 semesters) programme for aspiring rectors (and rectresses) and deputy rectors (and rectresses) holding a degree and a PGCE. It is also relevant to all those who would like to undertake and shoulder managerial and leadership roles and responsibilities at the school level.

This PGDEL programme has been conceptualised and designed by the Department of Educational Administration and Management (DEAM) and the Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) of the Mauritius Institute of Education.

The success of the course depends on your active participation as well as your involvement in and commitments to all activities through discussions, collaboration with other colleagues and lecturers. All these will be important ingredients which will enhance further the quality of the programme offered to you. Undoubtedly, literacy research and documentation will be a further essential element in this programme. All this will necessitate good time management on your part.

The modules which we are proposing are far from being exhaustive or encyclopaedic in nature as the field of educational management is very extensive and difficult to be encompassed in one programme. All that we hope is that they will be the right platform for you to have an inkling into what educational management is and that it will whet your interest to know and learn more about this discipline.

Our sincere wish is that this programme of study will improve your professional development by empowering you to meet the various challenges in the school with more confidence. Besides, this course will enable you to improve the quality of education offered in your secondary schools. We trust that you will appreciate the programme of study offered to you, and, above all, find it rewarding and challenging. It is hoped that, eventually, this programme will assist you in developing a set of core skills and competencies which you will eventually apply in your work environment and improve them continuously. Our staunch belief is that one becomes effective through formal preparation and work experience. We wish you the very best in your study and future career.


Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership (PGDEL) trainees are governed by the general rules and regulations pertaining to all MIE trainees. (Refer to rules and regulations for students, June 2007).

Entry Requirement

The Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership (PGDEL) part time programme is offered to candidates with the following profiles:

(i) B.Ed or

(ii) A first degree and a PGCE

(iii) A minimum of five years’ post degree experience as

Educator/ Deputy Rector/Rector