MIE has obtained access to maths Classes online from UK. It is now open for all teachers of Mauritius. Register and run your classes as instructed in the links.

Dear Teacher,

We are pleased to announce that we are making Blutick freely available to all schools during these difficult times. Blutick now covers the 11-16 GCSE/IGCSE syllabus, with over 600 videos and 3 million questions.

With the UK closing schools on Friday, alternative teaching and learning methods are crucial, particularly for GCSE classes, and Blutick is proven to improve results by 91% – get started now to have your students up and running before the weekend.

 1. Create Classes And Add Students

You can create classes and upload students here (use the password reset feature if you can’t remember your password).

We also have a whole school import function – if you would like to get all your students on board in one go, just reply to this email for more details.

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 2. Set Tasks

Setting tasks is quick and easy – at blutick.com/blutick/#topics, just select a topic (or multiple topics) and the classes you want to set to, and they will be emailed full details.

Tasks are all marked automatically, with intelligent teacher feedback, and teachers can see all students’ progress easily.

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 3. Create Revision Schedules

You can create Revision Schedules for each of your classes in a couple of clicks – students will then be set tasks each day based on their ability, year group and past performance.

If you want to restrict what topics they are set, just create some tasks (see above), and the system will select from those tasks.

It’s a great way to have a daily schedule for each of your classes with minimal setup time.

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Of course, throughout this you can monitor all of their progress easily, with a Mark Book, Progress Summaries, and even viewing every line of working.

Blutick is 100% dedicated to supporting schools and students in these unprecendented times, so if you have any questions at all, just reply to this email.