Background Information

Our partnership post-graduate programme provides for graduate and experienced professionals in education to achieve a two and a half years part-time Masters degree in Education at the MIE.  The postgraduate programme seeks to deliver development opportunities for professional practitioners who wish to extend, enhance and better understand their current practice and, in so doing, develop a framework for creating and implementing change in their future practice.

The Award

This collaborative programme delivers the University of Brighton’s MA Education.  It is a modular programme consisting of 180 credit points accumulated over two and a half years and starts each year in April.  Intensive teaching sessions are held at the MIE during school vacations in April, July and December each year.  There are four modules of 20 credits (via the PGCE Route and/or the PGDIP Ed Route), a 40 credits module and the research project which is 60 credits.  Each module carries its own assessment designed to develop professional and academic attributes, understanding and skills.  There are no examinations.

Participants are introduced to Masters level study in Education with a module focusing on appropriate learning and teaching strategies.  This module is designed to develop participants’ capabilities, understanding and practice at this university level embedded within professional development in education.

This is followed by modules that develop understanding and skills in pedagogy, Leadership and Management and Research in Context and Literature Review.  Each of these is appropriately assessed to enable participants to achieve the learning outcomes.  The final module of this stage focuses on research and teacher research in education and produces the research plan for the project in the second year of study.

The research project, from the design stage to the writing stage is supported with further research methods taught sessions and also expert tutoring from the MIE and Brighton University (on-line).

Details of the MA Education programme (180 CATS points)

Stage 1

Either Via

PGCE Progression to MA through exemptions (Advanced Standing of up to 80 CATS points)

MIE students who have completed their PGCE as from 2013-2014 onwards, can gain advanced standing on the MA Education Programme up to a maximum of 80 CATS points, subject to certain conditions. Students who qualify for this advanced standing can thus directly join stage 2 of the MA programme.

For more information on this opportunity, kindly contact Mrs Neelam Bheem Singh on or Hyleen Mariaye on

Or Via

The Post Graduate Diploma in Education Programme (PGDip Ed)

The PGDIP (Ed) is a bridging course consisting of four modules which are equivalent to the first year modules of the MA Education designed to equip teachers who have earned either a Post Graduate Certificate in Education prior to 2014, or a Bachelor of Education (Honours) or a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with Education with the knowledge and skills required to work at Masters level.

The PGDIP (Ed) has been developed in partnership with the UoB and is recognized as part of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy of the University. This means that holders of the PGDIP will be eligible to claim RPL for 80 CATS points (Level 7 credits) on the Master of Education programme, which is therefore made more accessible to teachers. PGDip graduates will be able to progress directly to stage 2 of the MA Education programme which is delivered jointly by MIE and UoB making it more accessible to teachers.

There are four modules on the programme amounting to a total of 80 credit points. They draw essentially from the existing Masters in Education Programme currently offered or from the PGCE programme offered since 2015 for which RPL is granted on the MA Programme.

They are as follows:

PGDE 710 Educational Theory, Policy and Practice

PGDE 720 Leadership and Management

PGDE 730 Reflection in and on Practice

PGDE 740 Curriculum Leadership


Semester Module Code Module Title No. of Credits
One PGDE 710 Educational Policy, Theory and Practice April June
PGDE 720 Leadership and Management July September
Two PGDE 730 Reflection in and on Practice October December
PGDE 740 Curriculum Leadership December February

* The course will be offered in the months indicated, taking into consideration the holiday period of Educators.

Course Fees: Rs 15 550 for the award

Minimum Admission Requirements:

• A degree plus PGCE*;

• A Bachelor of Education ;

• BA (Hons) with Education; and

• Any other equivalent qualification.

The programme is normally advertised in October /November for an intake due to start in April of the following year and the link that the applicants must use to apply online is as follows:

Stage 2 (100 CATS points) – Masters in Education programme


April 2018                          KV733M Creating a Research Proposal                                   40 CATS pts

July 2018                            KV733M Creating a Research Proposal

December 2018 KV713 Dissertation                                                                                     60 CATS pts

Working with a Statement of Intent. Planning next steps Progress Review July
Clarification of title, literature review draft and a rationale for the methodology Assessment Point 1 October
Presentation – Title, summarise fieldwork, defend methodology and outline ethical issues to date Assessment Point 3 February
Formal dissemination of findings. Lead round table discussion at conference Assessment Point 4 April
Focus on analysis of data. Assessment by MIE tutor of target for completion Assessment point 5 May
Final submission Dissertation August
Extended submission (by agreement) October

Learning and Teaching

As these modules imply, participants’ normal professional work contributes significantly to study and achievement.  Participants are normally required to attend all programmed sessions and to commit a matched amount of time to independent study.  This may involve critical study group meetings, reading, writing reflective logs on professional practice, other workplace-based activities and, increasingly, independent and tutored online learning using the University of Brighton’s internet-based facilities.

The University of Brighton and MIE are committed to innovation in teaching and learning strategies.  We make use of a wide range of approaches from formal lectures through seminars, tutorials, simulation and role play, and other group approaches to directed and autonomous private study.  Outside the intensive teaching weeks participants work in critical study groups supported by appropriate distance learning materials.  Increasingly, these include online learning.

All assessed work must be presented in high quality written English.  All classes are taught in English.  All assessment procedures and quality assurances are conducted within the University of Brighton Examinations Regulations and Quality Assurance practices.

Minimum Admission Requirements:

• A relevant degree or equivalent

• A PGCE ( awarded after 2014  from MIE)

• Evidence of  relevant experience in an education field

The Cost

The fee for the MA Education starting April 2018 is £ 2716 (‘fees for 2019 entry are likely to be subject to a small annual increase).  Invoices are issued each year and payment may be made in up to 6 installments by arrangement with the Finance Office, UOB.

How to apply

The programme is normally advertised around October / November for an intake due to start in April of the following year and is available on the MIE Website. The link that the applicants must use to apply online following the advert is as follows:

Testimonials of work experience should be scanned and attached when submitting the application.

Contacting us

For more information and applications, please contact:

Mr Vitan Bizlall, MA Education Programme Co-ordinator, School of Education

Mauritius Institute of Education, Reduit, Mauritius



Mr Gian Sandhaya, Assistant Programme Coordinator, MIE



Dr Mark Price, Course Leader, School of Education

Checkland Building, Falmer, University of Brighton, BN1 9PH  UK



Christine Absolon, Senior Programmes Administrator,School of Education

Checkland Building, Falmer, University of Brighton, BN1 9PH  UK



Neelam Bheem Singh, Assistant Registrar and MA Programme Administrator

Mauritius Institute of Education, Reduit, Mauritius

Email :