Home Economics Department

Head of Department : Beebeejaun Roojee B S (Mrs)
Contact info

Oogarah-Pratap B (Mrs) Dr Associate Professor
Engutsamy-Borthosow A (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Kawol S D (Miss) Senior Lecturer
Beebeejaun Roojee B S (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Bissonauth V Dr (Mrs) Lecturer
Gowreesunkur Veerapen M (Mrs) Lecturer


(i) Academic Staff : Dr (Mrs) B.Oogarah-Pratap
(a) Area of Specialisation : 
• Food Studies
• Food and Nutrition
• Home Economics and Home Economics Education
• Health Education
• Online Education
(b) Responsibility/ies
•Educator’s Licence Programme Coordinator
•Assistant Coordinator Quality Assurance
Course Coordinator:
• Teacher’s Diploma ECE ‘Health and Safety’
• Teacher’s Certificate ECE ‘Health and Safety
• Teacher’s Certificate Prevoc ” Health Education”
• TD SEN – Health Education
• T. Dip Primary ( MIE-IGNOU) “Health Education”
• Certificate for Fire Services Instructor “Nutrition & Health”

• Coordinator for Secondary Home Economics NCF
• Home Economics Lab coordinator
• Departmental Website
External (approved by MIE)
• Member of Mauririus Standards Bureau Food Products Standard Commitee
• Member of the Executive Board of the Mauritius Institute of Health

(c) Research Interest
• Health Education and Nutrition Education
• Online Education
• Home Economics Education
• Teacher Education and Deep Learning


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Oogarah-Pratap, B & Heerah-Booluck, J 2005, ‘Children’s consumption of snacks at school in Mauritius’, Nutrition and Food Science, vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 15-19.

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Oogarah-Pratap, B, Bholah, R, Cyparsade, M & Mathoor, K 2003, ‘Differential exposure to Food and Nutrition in the lower secondary and its impact on the nutritional knowledge and habits of young male adolescents’, Proceedings of the 2003 GASAT Conference, Gender and Science and Technology, Grand Baie, Mauritius, pp. 237-242.

Oogarah-Pratap, B 2004, ‘Barriers to the teaching of Health Education in the new primary school curriculum’, Proceedings of the 2004 Educational Research Association of Singapore Conference, Educational Research Association of Singapore, Singapore, pp. 519-525.

Oogarah-Pratap, B 2007, ‘The design of a Food Science module for in-service secondary school teachers in Mauritius using a blended learning environment’, Proceedings of University of Brighton/MIE MA Education Research Conference (CD-ROM), University of Brighton, Reduit Mauritius.

Oogarah-Pratap, B 2009, ‘Education for sustainability: The need to foster a deep approach to learning among trainee teachers.’ Proceedings of the 2nd International Education Research Conference, Mauritius Institute of Education, Reduit Mauritius, pp. 91-103.

Veerapen, M & Oogarah-Pratap, B 2009, ‘Effectiveness of Nutrition Education intervention on students’ knowledge of diet and health in a secondary school’, Proceedings of the 2nd International Education Research Conference, Mauritius Institute of Education, Reduit Mauritius, pp. 189-197.

(d) Other activities & responsibilities
• Member of CASTME (Mauritius)

(ii) Academic Staff : Mrs Ashwina Engutsamy-Borthosow
(a) Area of Specialisation : Textile Education
(b) Responsibility/ies
Course Coordinator:
• PGCE PT, FT, Rodrigues
• Educator’s Licence
• BEd Design & Textiles
• Teacher’s Diploma Primary- The Arts
• Quality Assurance
• Assistant Programme Coordinator: PGCE FT
• Textile Lab coordinator
• Member of Prevoc panel- Textbook writing
• Member of MSB- Textile, Paper and Footwear committee
(c) Research Interest
Home Economics Education, Textile craft, ICT in education and blended learning
(d) Other activities & responsibilities
• Executive member of MIEASA
• Member of sub-committee- Promotion Criteria
• Member of sub-committee- Canteen Committee
• Jury Panel for Intercultural Project
• Adoption of School

(iii) Academic Staff : Mrs Beebeejaun-Roojee
(a) Area of Specialisation :
• Food Studies
• Food and Nutrition
• Home Economics and Home Economics Education
• Health Education
• Science Education
(b) Responsibility/ies
Course Coordinator:
• Teacher’s Diploma Primary (pre-service) Health Education
• Teacher’s Diploma Secondary (P/T & F/T)
• Bed Home Eco with Food Studies ( P/T & F/T)
• ACE Life Skills –Health Education Compomnent
• Teacher’s Diploma Prevoc Sc & Tech ” Human Body and Health”
• Certificate in SEN
• Food Lab coordinator
• Alternative Member of MSB- Food Issues
(c) Research Interest     • Home Economics Education
• Science Education
• Health Education and Nutrition Education.
(d) Other activities & responsibilities     • Member of Value Based Education
• Member of Canteen Committee
• Member of Intercultural Project
• Member of CASTME Mauritius

(3) On-going research in the Department
Title : Education for Sustainable Development (UNDP-sponsored)
Researcher/ Research leader
Overall Leader: Mrs S. Thancanamootoo
Team leaders: Dr A. Rumjaun, Dr R Bholah, Dr V Putchay
Team Members: Dr B. Oogarah-Pratap, Mr S. Pudaruth, Mr C. Padaruth, Dr (Ms) N Abbass, Mrs M Beehary-Konglar, Mr J Ramsaha

(4) Activities of the Department 2011
1. Capacity Building Workshop for HSC Design & Textiles Educators (21 & 22 July 2011)
Team Leader- Mrs A. Engutsamy –;

2. Home Eco NCF and Syllabus Workshop, 28 & 29 July 2011
Team Leader- Dr (Mrs) B. Oogarah-Pratap
Target group – Home Economics Educators in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega

3. ‘The way I like my bread’ National Poster competition for secondary schools in collaboration with Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltee to commemorate 2011 edition of La Fete du pain – May-June 2011
Team Leader: Dr (Mrs) B. Oogarah-Pratap
Team Members: Mrs A. Engutsamy, Mrs S. B. Roojee, Mrs M. Dabysingh

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