Educational Administration & Management Department

Head of Department : Dr. Mahboob Sooltan Sohawon

Contact info

Sohawon M S Senior Lecturer
Congo-Poottaren N C (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Adiapen V (Miss) Lecturer
Goundory D Lecturer

(i) Academic Staff : : Mr. Mahboob Sooltan Sohawon
(a) Area of Specialisation: Educational Leadership and Management
(b) Responsibility/ ies:
• Programme Co-ordinator for DESI (Rodrigues)
• Assistant Programme Co-ordinator for DEM
• Assistant Programme Co-ordinator for PGDEL
• Module Co-ordinator for PGCE
(c)Research Interest:
• Educational Leadership
• Administration and Management
(d) Other Responsibilities:
• Quality Assurance – Resource Person

(ii) Academic Staff : Mrs Nathalie Congo-Poottaren
(a) Area of Specialisation: Educational Leadership and Management, Social Development and Counselling
(b) Responsibility/ ies
• Module co-ordinator B.Ed (PT/FT)
• Module Co-ordinator TDS (PT/FT)
(c) Research Interest:
• Inclusive education and school leadership
(d) Other Responsibilities:
• Resource person for MOEHR

(3) On-going research in the Department
Title: Harnessing the community for effective teaching and learning.
Researchers/ Research leaders: Mr Mahboob Sooltan Sohawon and Mrs Nathalie Congo-Poottaren
Main objectives: Understand the importance and relevance of the community’s contribution, especially parents, to teaching and learning

(4) Activities of the Department
Nature of activity: Interactive workshops
1. Teacher’s Diploma secondary – end of November
2. Diploma in Educational Supervision and Inspection DESI early December
3. Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management PGDEL Jointly MIE and British Council early December.
Team Leaders: Mr Mahboob Sooltan Sohawon and Mrs Nathalie Congo-Poottaren M
Objectives:It is expected that the participants could demonstrate the ability to analyse and synthesise theory and practice