Education Studies Department

Head Of Department:Dr (Mrs) P Auckloo

Contact info

Jahangeer A C Senior Lecturer
Auckloo P (Mrs) Senior Lecturer
Baichoo V (Dr) Lecturer
Beedassy S S Lecturer
Permall J D (Miss) Lecturer
Sowdagur D (Miss) Lecturer
Thondee M C (Miss) Lecturer
Ramasawmy S Dr (Ms) Lecturer

(i) Academic Staff : Mr. Satyen Singh BEEDASSY
(a) Area Specialisation: Educational Psychology and Sociology
(b) Research Interest :

His role is to support and maintain the institution’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Contribution to teaching within the department, will include course development and innovation, lecturing, conducting seminars and supervising undergraduate and/or graduate students. Contribution to excellence in research will be through publications and other mechanisms submitted for consideration in the most recent or next national Research Assessment Exercise. The role holder will participate in the overall contribution of the department, where appropriate.

(ii) Academic Staff : Meda Charisma THONDEE (Ms.)
(a) Area Specialisation: Sociology and Educational Anthropology
(b) Research Interest :

Ms Meda Charisma THONDEE, an ex-Commonwealth Scholar, from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, is presently Sociologist and lecturer at the Mauritius Institute of Education. Her main research interests pertain to drug addiction and HIV/AIDS, Criminality and Delinquency, educational attainment of the socially deprived as well as gender and equity in education.

(iii) Academic Staff : Dr. V. Baichoo
(a) Area of Specialisation : Developmental & Educational psychology
(b) Responsibility/ies : Coordinator Educator’s Licence
(c) Research Interest : The psychology curriculum in the 20th century
(d) Other activities & responsibilities : Pursuing a post graduate diploma in special educational needs & an Education Doctorate on teaching of psychology in the 20th century.