(i) Developing Environmental Education Policy for Mauritius (IUCN/NETCAB/SADC funded Project).

This project aimed at developing policies for EE in Mauritius as a means towards achieving improved National Resource Management. The project focused on Water Resources. Teaching and learning resource materials for Mauritius and Rodrigues were prepared and implemented in pilot schools (Primary and secondary) by the MIE.

(ii) Developing Environmental Education Content Standards for Mauritius, 2007; (SADC REEP funded project)

The aim of this project was to develop National Environmental Education Standards to guide us towards an environmentally literate society. It had the following key objectives:

  • To provide criteria to judge progress towards a national vision of teaching and learning in EE
  • To provide criteria which will help in deciding which curriculum, staff development activity or assessment programme is appropriate.
  • To encourage policies to bring coherence and improvement in the teaching and learning of EE.

(iii) School Footprint Project (SFI) (2008 -2010); (MRC funded project)

The SFI was carried out in partnership with University of Technology and Mauritius Research Council. In the first phase this project was carried out in 12 secondary schools whereby Form 4 students were asked to calculate the ecological footprint of their schools and to make recommendations on how they could reduce the ecological footprint. It had several objectives and one of them was to develop an environmental mind-set amongst participating students that spills over into the wider community and is sustained through time.

(iv)  Development of a water-related environmental education strategy: a case study of two secondary schools in the Republic of Mauritius (SADC REEP funded project)

The project used problem-based learning approach to help students identify any water-related problems in their school context and develop appropriate strategies to manage the situation.

(v)  Improving the livelihood and welfare of artisanal fisherman and other coastal communities in Le Morne Village (2007 -2009) ( EU/DCP funded project)

One of the four major components of the project was a sensitization programme on sustainable development issues that created awareness and prepared school children to become more responsible citizens. The extracurricular activities included presentations, beach protection and competitions. The target children were those of Grades 4-6 and thus prepare them to take on the challenge of sustainable development as concerned and responsible citizens.

(vi)  Stabilization of a severely eroded coastline around the historical site in Poudre d’Or Village and awareness-raising on sustainable development of coastal and marine

Resources (2009 -2011) (RECOMAP funded Project)

One component of the project focussed on sensitizing school children and the local community on

various environmental issues and helping them to become responsible citizens

(vii) Systemic Approach to Environmental Literacy – Towards a sustainable future (2012) (ADEA/AfDB funded Project