Childminding Foundation Course

The MIE is offering this Foundation Course to childminders at the request of the ECCEA. The course is in line with government policy and will take care of children under the supervision of trained childminders who will entertain them. This course aims at giving the basic knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes to the childminder.

The Course consists of two modules,

A certificate of attendance will be given to trainees upon successful completion of the course.

Aims of programme

The Foundation Course for childminders aims at developing knowledge, skills and attitudes of Childminders. This will enable them to discover new talents and passions, encourage self-expression and entertainment. This will also create a safe and stimulating environment.

By the end of the course the childminder should be able to:

  • Develop activities to nurture the imagination and creativity in children.
  • Develop proper attitude to provide care in a safe and pleasant environment
  • Foster the proper attitudes and behaviours to respond appropriately to the needs of the child
  • Develop a professional attitude to interact with children, families, colleagues, community and society.