Aim of the Programme

The CEM in ECE Programme aims at empowering pre-primary schools managers with the adequate knowledge and skills in leadership as well as management and helping them develop the positive attitudes to meet the challenges for quality in early childhood education.

Entry Requirements

This Programme is open to all managers of pre-primary schools, registered with the ECCEA and who have followed the Teachers Certificate Pre Primary Programme.

Year 1 Semester 1
CEM/ 1001 Developing ICT Skills 2
CEM/ 1002 Educational Leadership for Pre-Primary Schools 2
CEM/ 1003 Classroom Supervision 2
CEM/ 1004 Principles of Accounts and Book keeping 2
Year 1 Semester 2
CEM/ 1005 Using ICT in School Management 2
CEM/ 1006 Managing Human Resources 2
CEM/ 1007 Early Identification and Referral of children with special needs 2
CEM/ 1008 Managing the pre-school environment 2
Year 2 Semester 1
CEM/ 2001 Using ICT for Communication 2
CEM/ 2002 Managing the School Community 2
CEM/ 2003 Counselling 2
CEM/ 2004 Legal Issues in Early Childhood Education 2
CEM/ 2005 Professional Practice 6
Total 30