Senior Lecturer, Movement & Physical Education Department

Asst. Programme Coordinator, PGCE Full Time

2nd Asst. Programme Coordinator – Quality Assurance

Research and Experience

Dr Padaruth holds a PhD in Physical Education Pedagogy from Purdue University, Indiana, USA and a MA (Education) from University of Brighton, UK. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Movement & Physical Education Department and mainly teaches Physical Education Pedagogy, Curriculum Development & Issues in Physical Education, Outdoor & Adventure Education, Invasion Games and Active & Healthy Living. His research revolves around the socialisation and professional development of physical education teachers. Dr Padaruth is particularly interested in the professional experiences of teachers in schools and the place that physical education occupies in the education system.

Dr Padaruth has over 25 years of experience teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. He has also accumulated considerable experience in leadership roles as Head of Department, Coordinator of teacher education programmes and curriculum development panels at pre-primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

He is also an external examiner and resource person for the monitoring of examinations in physical education for the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate as well as a resource person and reviewer for the Tertiary Education Commission.


2008 – Present, Senior Lecturer-Physical Education, MIE

2012 – 2016, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Health and Kinesiology, Purdue University, USA

2001 –2008, Lecturer – Physical Education, MIE

1995-2001, Education Officer (Physical Education) Secondary – Ministry of Education, Mauritius

1990-1995, Teacher/Senior Teacher (Primary), Ministry of Education, Mauritius

Selected Publications and Presentations

Capel, S., Padaruth, S., & Ramkurrun, J. (2018).Value Orientations of Student Physical Education Teachers Studying on a Diploma Course in Mauritius. Journal of Education, 9(1) (April 2018 Issue).

Padaruth, S., Eberline, A., Templin, T. (2018). Physical education teacher evaluation in Indiana highly reliant on the principal’s experience and perception about    the subject. Presented at the International         Association for Physical Education in Higher Education World   Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland (25-28 July 2018).

Richards, K. A. R., Padaruth, S. (2017). Motivations for Pursuing a career in Physical Education: the rise of a fitness orientation. Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance. 88(4) (April 2017 Issue)

Richards, K. A. R., Eberline, A. D., Padaruth, S., & Templin, T. J. (2015). Experiential learning through a physical activity program for children with disabilities.  Journal of  Teaching in Physical Education. 34(2) (April 2015 Issue)

Richards, K. A. R., Eberline, A., Templin, T. J., & Padaruth, S. (2013). The    outcomes of participating in a service-learning-based physical activity and aquatics program for children with disabilities. Presented at the   International Association of Physical Education in Higher Education Conference, Warsaw, Poland (July 2013).

Book Chapter

Templin, T. J., Padaruth, S., Sparks, A.C., & Schempp, P.G. (2017). A historical overview of teacher socialisation in physical education. In K. A. R Richards & K.L. Gaudreault, (Eds.). Teacher socialization in physical education: New perspectives. (p 11-29).Taylor & Francis.


Padaruth, S. (2016). Principals’ perceptions and experiences of physical education teacher evaluation: a case study. (PhD Dissertation). ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Publishing.

Invited Presentations

Padaruth, S., Eberline, A. E., Templin, T. J. & Blankenship, B. T. (2016, November). Indiana Teacher Evaluation in Physical Education: A Qualitative Study. Presented at the East China Normal University,         Putuo, Shanghai, China.

Eberline, A. E., Padaruth, S., Richards, K. A. R., & Templin, T. J. (2013,November). Teacher evaluation in physical education. Presented at the East China Normal University, Putuo, Shanghai, China.

Templin, T. J., Eberline, A. D., Padaruth, S., & Richards, K. A. R. (2012,November). Physical education curriculum in the United States. Presented at the East China Normal University, Putuo, Shanghai,China.