Class 21 – MRC funded research project

Principal investigator: Dr V.A. Oojorah
Project description

Classe21 consists of a whole ecosystem: hardware, software, virtual environment and physical layout that will provide a whole range of creative and collaborative options which in turn will yield in new teaching and learning patterns. The research is based on how digital tools can be used constructively and creatively in Classe21 to foster critical thinking and collaboration among students. Through Classe21, the project team engages in crafting a powerful vision and process of digital tools integration for all educational stakeholders. This study will explore the instructional possibilities for augmenting and even redefining teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Aims of the project

1. To promote innovative and creative pedagogies through the use of digital tools

2. To develop 21st century skills, namely collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity by incorporating digital tools in the school community.

3. To empower educators as 21st century facilitators.

Objectives of the project implementation in secondary schools

1. To design and experiment with digital classroom environments
2. To support critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaborative skills (21st century skills)
3. To monitor student engagement and motivation with digital learning experiences
4. To develop higher order thinking skills and deeper learning among students
5. To build a community of innovative and practicing educators by up skilling them through empowerment
6. To support educators plan, execute and evaluate teaching episodes that use digital technologies
7. To adapt innovative teaching practice and classroom learning experiences geared towards student’s construction of knowledge.
8. To devise learning scenarios that support specific learning goals
9. To experiment on how digital technologies support learning to organize digital educational resources for easy access

Research Team

Mr H. Rajcoomar,

Mr A. Bullee,

Ms S. Panchoo,

Mr N. Meunier,

Mr V. Roocha,

Mr M. Ujoodha,

Mr K. Sheoraj,

Mrs P. Naseeven and

Dr A. Pulto

Proposed classroom design

The figures below represent the innovative classroom concept that has been designed and is being currently implemented in 5 secondary schools in the republic (4 in Mauritius and 1 in Rodrigues). The classroom concept encompasses the infrastructure (technology and associated tools and logistics) and the pedagogical practices.

Training of educators

Educators in those selected schools have been empowered to make use of the techno-pedagogical set-up proposed by the research team. Below is an example of a training session carried out by the team in schools.

Training of students

Class 21 – Milestone Report Jan 2018 – June 2018