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Publications Publications, 2017 Angateeah, K.S. (2017), An investigation of students’ difficulties in solving non-routine word problem at lower secondary, International Journal of Learning and Teaching,...
The Teacher’s Diploma Primary programme has been thoroughly reviewed and adjusted to the new demands of the Nine Year Continuous Education project of the Ministry. It takes into account that the General Purpose, Asian language, Kreol Morisien and Arabic educators will henceforth be more closely concerned with the core subjects, while there will be another educator for Holistic Education concerned with the teaching of non-core subjects. The new curriculum proposed for the TDP also takes into consideration that all trainees do not join training with the same background and are not conversant with all the learning areas proposed for the primary sector. The programme provides for a number of foundation courses that would give all trainees a basic knowledge of all core subjects. It also provides an initiation into all the elements of the primary curriculum, including the non-core subjects, as teaching should be carried out collaboratively with the educator responsible for the Holistic Education. Attention is also given to Remedial Education and Special Needs Education.
In light of the current challenges educators are facing and the recent technological advances, it is imperative to rethink about the ways in which educators’ input can be optimized. Knowledge of the subject content only is no longer sufficient for educators to perform their school duties efficiently and effectively. In-service and prospective educators need to develop an up-to-date repertoire of competencies and skills related to the following broad categories: